Pedestrian proposals

Philipsburg Promotional Board wants Government to improve safety for pedestrians in town by removing the hazardous situations and obstacles that cause falls, sprained ankles and other injuries. The group recently lobbied Infrastructure Minister Christophe Emmanuel (right) on this topic and was told by the Minister that Philipsburg is one of his priority projects.

The Philipsburg Investment Initiative Committee, headed by Arthur Lugisse (left), then presented Emmanuel with a list of 27 projects to make town pedestrian friendly and safer. These include repair and/or removal of uneven bricks, broken concrete bollards, missing pavers, ditches, steel bolts protruding out of sidewalks, light posts in the middle of sidewalks, and vehicles parking on sidewalks.

The removal of the green bollards from the sidewalks, improved accessibilities for special needs persons and mothers with carriages were also addressed. Also in photo is Valentin Davis, Board President.

Source: The Daily Herald