Pelgrim initiates ‘Total Port Worker’ certification training for stevedores | THE DAILY HERALD

Institute for Industrial Solutions Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Technical Trainer Osric Forrest and SSS stevedores on Friday, the first day of the workforce development training programme.


POINT BLANCHE– George Pelgrim, President of St. Maarten Shipping & Stevedoring (SSS), a prominent provider of stevedoring services in the region, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to meet the demands of one of the port's major clients, CMA CGM. This initiative is titled 'Creating the Total Port Worker'.

The maritime training initiative is a collaborative effort with the Jamaican-based Institute for Industrial Solutions (IIS), led by CEO and Trainer Osric Forrest, along with Technical Expert/Assessor Radcliffe Spence.

Stevedores, pivotal figures in the maritime industry, oversee the intricate process of loading and unloading cargo from ships docked at ports. Their expertise directly influences the speed and efficiency of cargo handling operations, making them indispensable for seamless port operations.

Currently, 20 employees of SSS are enrolled in a comprehensive workforce development programme facilitated by IIS. Having commenced on Friday, April 5, this training programme culminates today, Wednesday, April 10, with participants receiving internationally recognized certifications.

Pelgrim, with over four decades of experience in the shipping and maritime sector, emphasized the evolving nature of stevedoring, particularly in the era of containerized shipping. He underscored the significance of this training initiative, highlighting that it marks the first time SSS employees will attain international certification as stevedores, elevating their expertise to match that of their Caribbean counterparts.

"As a member of Caribbean Shipping Association and with a keen eye on developments at the Caribbean Maritime Institute, we are committed to staying abreast of industry trends," stated Pelgrim. "Efficient port operations are critical for minimizing turnaround times and optimizing cargo handling processes. This training programme underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in maritime services."

'Creating the Total Port Worker' is the first-ever training programme for seasoned employees, culminating in their international certification as stevedores. This initiative sets a precedent for St. Maarten, Pelgrim stated. “This proactive approach ensures that we not only meet but exceed global standards.”

Pelgrim also outlined the Intermar Group of Companies' broader vision for workforce development solutions, extending certification opportunities to warehouse staff, heavy equipment operators, and maintenance personnel. This holistic approach aims to enhance overall customer satisfaction by fostering efficiency and effectiveness across all facets of maritime operations.

Established on June 23, 1985, St. Maarten Shipping & Stevedoring NV is dedicated to delivering top-tier port terminal stevedoring, trucking, and related maritime services to cargo lines serving Port St. Maarten. Today, it stands as the largest inland container haulage transport company in St. Maarten/St. Martin, offering round-the-clock container and heavy equipment delivery services to its esteemed clientele.

The SSS fleet ensures efficient cargo handling operations. At the heart of the fleet are the heavy-duty Granite Mack and Boxloader container Tractor Trucks, renowned for their reliability, power, and versatility. These trucks are the workhorses of the operations, capable of effortlessly transporting containers of varying sizes and weights with precision and ease.

In addition to Tractor Trucks, the fleet boasts a diverse array of container chassis, comprising over 150 units of SSS's proprietary 20- and 40-foot container chassis. These chassis are purpose-built to accommodate the specific requirements of containerized cargo, offering optimal support, stability, and safety during transportation.

Each unit in SSS’ container chassis fleet undergoes rigorous maintenance and inspection protocols to ensure peak performance and adherence to safety standards. SSS is committed to continuously investing in its expansion and modernization to stay at the forefront of the maritime industry.

Source: The Daily Herald