Pensioner gets new roof under govt. and UNDP programme | THE DAILY HERALD

GUANA BAY–It’s been nearly nine months since Hurricane Irma snatched the roof off the home of sixty-seven-year-old pensioner Percival Duggins and as of Thursday he can look forward to see his skyview disappear within three weeks.

The house of the retired water and electricity company GEBE employee is one of the first to be repaired under the roof repair project of government and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). He is one of some 75, mainly senior citizens, who this project targets thanks to funding from the Dutch Government via its early recovery aid distributed to non-governmental organizations such as UNDP.
Duggins’ name and others forming the list were drawn for government intake of some 560 people in need of rebuilding assistance. His circumstance, as well as that of others in his batch were deemed as ones with the highest needs.
Head of government’s Department of New Works Kurt Ruan said the Duggins house, while damaged by Irma, suffered further issues from the persistent rainfall from September last year to this March.
All efforts are now focused on ensuring Duggins has a roof within three weeks.
Work at the various rebuilding sites including the one in Guana Bay are overseen and supervised by government and UNDP.
Public Housing Minister Miklos Giterson is happy to see the long awaited project kick off and for those with the biggest need to get some relief.
Delays in starting of the roof repair project were tagged to the due diligence process in selecting contractors and procuring materials among other setbacks.

Source: The Daily Herald