Performers ready for Youth Extravaganza

Three-time Dance champions Otmar Angels will be one of the headline groups for tonight’s Youth Extravaganza.

PHILIPSBURG–Youth Extravaganza is set to take place tonight, Monday, starting at 6:00pm, and is the only evening in Carnival Village this year that has no age limit, organisers announced again over the weekend.

  Since an age limit was implemented in 2016, no children 14 years or younger have been allowed entrance to adult-oriented shows in Carnival Village without adult supervision. The only exception to the regulation is for the Youth Extravaganza and other youth-oriented shows that are held in Carnival Village.

  Two groups from three public schools will start the Youth Extravaganza programme. Organisers found it important to involve public education in the show.

  The theme for this Youth Extravaganza is, “We run it, Best of Dutch Side and Best of French Side Edition.” For the first time in Youth Extravaganza’s history, there will be a dress code for youngsters: black if they live on the French side and white if they live in Dutch St. Maarten.

E-Models from the French side. 



  “Youth Extravaganza will be packed with youth performers and we expect to draw youngsters from both sides of the island, and getting home from the Village at a late time can be a hassle for these youngsters. This is why we intend to end the show at 12:30am the latest,” said Laugh Out Loud Public Relations Officer Daniel Dormoy.

  No Limit Band is set to take the stage at 8:00pm. Tolly Boys will headline the show along with dance group Otmar Angels.

  Tickets are now US $15 at the gate.

  The show is sponsored by Port St. Maarten, TelCell, Designers Choice, First Response and McDonald’s.

Source: The Daily Herald