Pharmacy assistants take birth control course

The Pharmacy Assistants who participated in the course.

PHILIPSBURG–The assistants at seven local pharmacies followed a refreshment course on the latest knowledge and possibilities for hormonal and non-hormonal birth control.

The course was organised by the Pharmacy Association of St Maarten. Digital and written materials were used to upgrade knowledge of hormonal birth control and other interventions possible for family planning.

Hormonal birth control pills were originally developed to treat painful and irregular menstruations; the side effect of not becoming pregnant became shortly after the main topic for further development for safe and convenient family planning and gave empowerment to women, it was stated in a press release on Thursday.

Birth controls pill may also be used to treat menstrual problems, endometriosis, reduces the chance for certain cancers, prevents anemia and other various hormonal related issues. The large variety in available hormones and dosing can make it challenging to come to a right customized choice.

The assistants said education among the women receiving birth control and especially the morning after pill should be improved. “Unwanted pregnancy at a young age will change your life. For better or worse, an educated choice in this matter is important,” it was stated in the release. “The high use of the morning after pill is a sign education should be improved. It remains an emergency intervention but does not prevent as well as other forms of contraception. And importantly only condoms protect against transmittable diseases such as STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) which have a high-risk prevalence on St Maarten.”

Attendees participated “lively” in the discussions and “were motivated for more post graduate learning opportunities on St Maarten.”

Source: The Daily Herald