Phase two of NIA’s Art Heals programme to begin this month

Phase two of NIA’s Art Heals hurricane relief programme will kick off soon.

PHILIPSBURG–“We would like all our clients to know that NIA is open for classes and we are ready to receive them with open arms,” said Co-Director of the National Institute of Arts (NIA) Clara Reyes in announcing the reopening of their interdisciplinary arts programme for the year 2018.

  “It has been a challenge post Irma, and we know there are many who are still without roofs. Myself and other NIA teachers still have no electricity at home, while NIA is functioning without telephones or Internet.”

  Back for this month is the popular NIA gymnastic programme, which was temporarily suspended as the facilities at Asha Steven Hillside Christian School sustained some damages.

  Although not fully repaired, the building has been made ready to receive classes which allows NIA’s gymnastic programme to resume full steam ahead.

  Also back for 2018 is the continuation of NIA’s Hurricane Relief Art Heals programme, which provided free arts classes to the community after Hurricane Irma.

  Art Heals phase one was made possible due to donations from Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Arts Save Lives Foundation and foundations teachers, Ina Roy and Maude and Chloe Arnold.

  More funds were raised through a GoFundMe page organized by Wyneshia Hicks and other alumni’s from State University of New York at Brockport.

  Donations were also received from an initiative organized by Percy Kruythoff of Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and other donors

  A total of US $32,000 was raised to cover NIA teachers’ salaries, enabling NIA to offer free classes to the community from September to December 2017.

  Art Heals phase two resumes in January with an expanded schedule to accommodate the high demand resulting from the 400 participants that benefited from phase one.

  Excluding gymnastic, a donation fee of NAf. 50 will give access to unlimited classes in the Art Heals programme.  For information regarding prices and scheduling visit NIA’s Facebook page or send an email to

Source: The Daily Herald