Philipsburg Promotion Board is conducting four info surveys

POND ISLAND–The economic council of the Philipsburg Promotion Board developed four surveys aimed at gathering information from retail merchants, casinos, hotels and restaurants located in town to create strategies to grow Philipsburg’s daytime economy and regenerate night-time business.

The questions in each of the surveys are similar, but specific information is also requested from each category of business.

Distribution of the surveys, created by the council headed by Patrick Mulder, started on Thursday.

By carrying out the surveys, the Board will gather valuable information to better understand from the businesses in town, their current experiences and expectations for the future, said Davis.

Prior to distribution, the Promotion Board members, including President Valentin Davis and Mulder, presented the surveys in booklet from to Finance Minister Richard Gibson Sr. at the Government Administration Building on Pond Island. The Board had already met Gibson Sr. in an earlier meeting to discuss its goals and plans for Philipsburg.

Source: The Daily Herald