Pick 4 Player wins $10,000 with licence plate number | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILLIPSBURG–Sheryl Philips walked away with $10,000 after recently winning Caribbean Lottery’s Pick 4 game.

  After witnessing a road accident involving two vehicles, Philips decided to play her favourite game, Pick 4, using both cars’ licence plate numbers. She purchased her ticket at Chen Supermarket where she wagered US $10 on each number. One of the numbers – 6244 – eventually played and she won US $10,000.

  Philips is no stranger to winning Caribbean Lottery games; she has previously won playing Pick 3. She is an avid player who uses everyday events to help her select the numbers she plays.

  Philips said in a press release that she felt “great” about her win and it will make a “big difference.” Her plan for her winnings is to pay some bills and save the rest.

  “It is a great pleasure for us to share in these winning moments with our players. We are so happy for Ms. Philips and we hope she will continue to reap great rewards,” Caribbean Lottery Site Operations Manager Paula Williams said.

  Williams reminded the public of the variety of games, including Super Lotto, Lucky Pick, Pick 3, Pick 4, and a variety of Instant Scratch Games, in which players have the chance to win.

  Philips is grateful for her win and plans on trying her luck again. Her advice to all players is: “Continue to play Caribbean Lottery, as you don’t know when you are going to win.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/84550-pick-4-player-wins-10-000-with-licence-plate-number