Plasterk offers help to floods-hit Aruba

THE HAGUE–Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk has offered Aruba assistance to deal with the consequences of Sunday’s flash floods.

Plasterk, who offered the assistance on behalf of the Dutch Government, spoke with Aruba Prime Minister Mike Eman over the telephone on Monday. Eman said he was happy with the assistance that his government was offered over the weekend from both the Dutch Marines and the Detective Cooperation Team RST.

The assistance by the Marines and the RST proved unnecessary as the local emergency services were able to handle the situation on their own. Minister Plasterk assured the Prime Minister that the offer of assistance still stood in case this was needed.

Plasterk stated that he was shocked by the images that he saw of the extreme weather and immense amount of rainfall which caused severe flooding in several areas. “Fortunately there were no fatal accidents, but the material damage is great and naturally a storm weather of this kind has an immense impact on the people of Aruba. We are most willing to lend a helping hand if it can contribute to Aruba’s support,” he stated in a press release on Monday.

Early Sunday morning, Aruba was faced with a highly abnormal amount of rain of almost 70mm. This was almost double the amount of rain that fell on the island during hurricane Matthew last month.

The most urgent, dangerous areas of flooding included Palm Beach, Tanki Leendert, Paradera, Madiki, Sabana Liber and Seroe Patrishi. In cooperation with the local Red Cross, an emergency shelter was opened at the Don Bosco Club in Noord for persons who were forced out of their homes.

Source: The Daily Herald