Plasterk repeats offer of election observers

THE HAGUE–Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk is most willing to assist Curaçao in requesting the invitation of international observers to be present at the island elections on April 28.

The Minister stated this in a letter to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament on Tuesday. He emphasized that the organisation of new elections concerns an autonomous authority of the Country Curaçao, but that he can assist in arranging independent observers.

“It goes without saying that it is in everyone’s interest that there is no doubt about the integrity of the election process. Therefore, I am most willing to provide the necessary assistance if the Curaçao Government requests such. This also goes for the possibility of election observers from the Kingdom,” stated Plasterk, who added that he would offer Aruba the same for the September 22 elections.

In the letter to the Second Chamber, Plasterk also addressed the rumours of the buying of support of Members of the Curaçao Parliament and the report that Member of Parliament Yaël Plet of the MAN party has filed a complaint at the National Detectives.

According to the Minister, it was up to the local authorities to act upon these allegations. “If there are truly indications that a new majority in Parliament has evolved in this manner, then it is a matter for the local authorities to act upon, and up to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to carry out further investigation.”

The Second Chamber had asked the Minister last month to keep Parliament informed about the developments surrounding the pending elections in Curaçao. Plasterk also sent his letter of last Friday containing the decision of the Kingdom Council of Ministers regarding Curaçao’s petition to annul the National Decree to dissolve the Parliament and to call new elections.

The Kingdom Government rejected the petition filed by President of the Curaçao Parliament Gilmar Pisas, supported by the new majority of 12 to annul the National Decree and to have a meeting with the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

According to the Kingdom Government, the National Decree was valid and as such it would not be annulled. The Kingdom Government deemed it constitutionally impossible for a delegation of the Curaçao Parliament to participate in a meeting of the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

Source: The Daily Herald