Plebiscite in SXM

Venezuelans living in St. Maarten voted on Sunday for their country’s parliament’s “Plebiscito” (unofficial referendum) to counter President Nicolás Maduro’s “Asamblea Constituyente” (Constitutional Assembly). A van even picked up voters and took them to Henry’s sandwich shop across from Banco di Caribe in Simpson Bay.

They joined Venezuelan migrants, many of whom fled economic crisis and rampant crime in their homeland, who voted in droves in hundreds of cities around the world on Sunday in an unofficial plebiscite that aims to challenge leftist President Maduro. With improvised polling stations in more than 80 countries, the Venezuelan diaspora was seeking to delegitimize Maduro’s plans to rewrite the constitution after three months of anti-government protests that have led to nearly 100 deaths.

Source: The Daily Herald