PLP leaving Statia for talks in Netherlands | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: PLP council members Clyde van Putten and Reuben Merkman with deputy registrar Jami Eshan.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) faction in the Island Council left St. Eustatius on Friday, June 4, for a series of meetings, training and networking in the Netherlands.

  The PLP delegation consists of Island Council members Clyde van Putten and Reuben Merkman and deputy registrar Jami Eshan.

  PLP faction leader Rechelline Leerdam had to cancel her travel arrangements due to work-related matters beyond her control.

  Island Council member for the Democratic Party (DP) Adelka Spanner was also unable to travel to the Netherlands. Independent councilman Koos Sneek travelled to the Netherlands ahead of the PLP group.

  Several meetings are scheduled with Members of the Dutch Parliament and various political parties.

  “The PLP is positively looking forward to building and maintaining relationships with the various political parties in The Hague,” Leerdam stated.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. You know the boss of the dutch (this not-elected colonial government) does not want this island council, because it is not their choice. According to Knops: the wrong people, the wrong islanders, and the wrong color. He likes his white friends on Saba more, just because they jump if he calls them to do so.
    And still you believe in the dutch system of suppression. When do you say: enough is enough? You will never reach the carrot on the stick. Knops will find a way, every time a new one to arrange so.
    Therefore, we call upon a boycott of the dutch system. Boycott participating in the island council, boycott meetings with the governments, boycott working for the government.