PLP’s political poster vandalised | THE DAILY HERALD

The billboard where the political poster was erected.


 ST. EUSTATIUS–A large political poster belonging to Progressive Labour Party was vandalised three weeks ahead of the October 21 Island Council elections. PLP is one of three parties contesting the elections.


The vandalised poster that was left lying on the ground.


The poster before it was vandalised.

Chief of Basic Police Care St. Eustatius Robelto Hodge said in an invited comment on September 28 that a man C.W. had visited the police station to report that someone had vandalised a political poster belonging to one of the political parties contesting the elections. W. speculated that an opponent from one of the other political parties must have been responsible.

  1. said he would fill in an official complaint with the specifics and return it to the Police Department. A police patrol that was in the area between 7:00 and 8:00pm September 27 saw the frame that had been constructed for the first time and the frame did not have any poster on it.

  Democratic Party (DP) candidate Koos Sneek said that his party is not aware of any posters being vandalised. However, he said that one of his party’s candidates had been threatened when passing Happy City because the candidate was wearing a DP cap.

  United People's Coalition Party leader and candidate Elvin Henriquez said he had not noticed any damage to that party’s political posters.

Source: The Daily Herald