PM calls for day of prayer and fasting on March 12 | THE DAILY HERALD


 POND ISLAND–Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin has issued a call to the St. Maarten community and that of St. Martin to observe a day of prayer and fasting on Tuesday, March 12.

  Outlining the reason for her call in the Council of Ministers Press Briefing on Wednesday, the prime minister said: “It is a day where we encourage you to stop, to reflect, and to fast and ask for God’s intervention in the many crises or challenges that this country, St. Maarten faces.  I am asking you to pray in your homes. Pray in your churches. Pray at you workplace. Pray in our public squares. Pray at our schools. Pray wherever you are.”

  “As I pondered about our nation, I was quickly reminded of the words of the preamble of our constitution, which states and I quote: ‘We boldly affirm that we acknowledge guiding principles of you our Almighty God as the core of our values,’” she cited.

  “With this in mind, I wish to join with the spiritual leaders who have called upon my person as Prime Minister to take the lead and to invite the people of St. Maarten in observing a Day of Prayer and Fasting,” the prime minister stated.

  The invitation to join in the day of prayer and fasting was extended to the French side, “because the gale does not stop at the frontiers. What hurts the south hurts the north and what hurts the north hurts the south. Both sides need a breakthrough, and praying and fasting is one of the best possible spiritual ways to obtain such,” said the prime minister.

  “Our country has been challenged with not just natural disasters but we are pressed on all sides with many social ills, economic hardships, lack of unity, division, deliberate attempts to destroy, promotion of defamation and negativity during this period of recovery,” she added.

  “There is a loud echo but there is also a silent cry of the people that a change must come to our ‘Sweet St. Maarten Land’ … I wish to break down some barriers which makes us confirm to the norm where we wait for our spiritual leaders  in the community to take the forefront in sounding the alarm that the state of the nation is in -in my humble opinion- calls for divine intervention,” the prime minister concluded.


Source: The Daily Herald