PM: Govt. day-to-day ops to continue as customary | THE DAILY HERALD


PHILIPSBURG–The day-to-day operations of government will continue as customary and ministers will continue to carry out their individual tasks during the Christmas holidays, Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin said on Wednesday about the so-called “recess” of government.

  She said there had been a “miscommunication” about the “recess” set from Monday, December 24, to Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

  “To avoid the end-of-the-year rush of advices, the Council of Ministers decided to be proactive and informed the civil service on November 21, 2018, via an internal memo to submit all their pending advices before considering the holidays,” she told the press.


  The Council of Ministers holds its weekly meetings every Tuesday and continues on Thursday when necessary. The next two Tuesdays following December 18 are Christmas Day, December 25, and New Year’s Day, January 1.

  “Thus, no meetings of the Council of Ministers can be held, unless it is an emergency. Government will open on January 2, 2019,” said the prime minister. “In the spirit of transparency, we believe it is necessary to inform the public at large and clarify any miscommunication and/or misinterpretation.

  “Please note that a majority of ministers will be on the island and available to meet should any emergency arise. Any minister taking vacation during this period must avail themselves when necessary.”

  Opposition National Alliance had questioned the planned “recess” last week and had queried how government would function in the interim.

Source: The Daily Herald