PM in China

Prime Minister William Marlin (fourth from right) and Founder and Board Member of the Carib China People Foundation Cengiz Kucuk (third from right) attended the One Belt, One Road Forum for International Cooperation held on May 14-15 in Beijing, China. The officials also met with the developers of the planned Pearl of China project for Belair beachfront. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote speech at the opening ceremony and hosted a roundtable meeting on policy and strategic development. The Belt and Road initiative aims to increase international cooperation on the basic principles of mutual discussion, mutual construction and mutual sharing.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Please dont insult the people he went there only to meet about the Pearl of China just like Minister Gibson did. Nice to travel to China at the expense of the Country. Why fly to China to close a private investor deal? This should be investigated