PM inspires

Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin delivered a motivational talk to Grade VI pupils of Marie Genevieve de Weever Primary School in Hope Estate on Thursday. The pupils are preparing for the Foundation-Based Education (FBE) exams for their high school placement.

“What do you want to be?” was the first question the Prime Minister asked pupils, who replied: computer games designer, carpenter, singer, woman police officer and others. She told her audience she had wanted to be a banker like her father, but soon realised it was not her calling. She studied Political Science which led to her career in the civil service, the political arena and now to her current position as the country’s second woman prime minister. “Failure is not an option. … You can do it. … Give it your best,” Romeo-Marlin told them, after which she recited “Try, try again,” a poem by T.H. Palmer.

Source: The Daily Herald