PM meets with coordinators of this year’s Hurricane Expo | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs recently met with the internal lead organisers of the annual Hurricane Expo to discuss how government should approach and adjust the Expo for 2020.

The meeting was also intended to ensure that the planning of the 2020 Hurricane Expo starts early this year.

A proposal from one of the consistent yearly supporters of the event, Kooyman, was also discussed in the meeting. The hardware company has demonstrated its continued commitment by offering to be a major contributor at this year’s event and to further improve the dynamics of the Hurricane Expo, it was stated in a press release. Besides being a participant, Kooyman saw it as part of its corporate social responsibility to support government by rendering assistance with the Hurricane Expo 2020.

“Government is thankful for the initiative shown by Kooyman as well as insurance provider NAGICO, partnering to assist and lighten some of the financial burden in order to continue carrying out the annual expo,” it was stated in the release.

“As Minister of General Affairs, I encourage and recommend other businesses to also partner with government to make this year’s Hurricane Expo an even bigger and more successful event. We have started this year’s planning earlier and we will be approaching other entities to follow suit and partner with government for the Hurricane Expo 2020,” Jacobs said in the release.

Jacobs also discussed the execution of other engaging activities such as broadening the focus from hurricane preparedness towards disaster management preparedness. This way, a more comprehensive aspect of the various forms of disaster such as earthquakes, tsunamis and major accidents will be included. These preparations will continue to be carried out throughout the year. “I am urging the general public to come out, participate and support these initiatives once the dates have been published to ensure your awareness and preparations for the protection of lives, animals and property,” Jacobs said.

Source: The Daily Herald