PM to meet with Zagers on GEBE

PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister William Marlin said he will be calling temporary manager of utilities company GEBE Andrew Zagers to find out about the issues plaguing the company resulting in frequent power outages lately.

Marlin told reporters on Wednesday that the complaints about GEBE are mounting. He said it is one thing to not have electricity during the day as it affects appliances such as fridges, he said, however, when someone is operating a business not having electricity can hamper the establishment. He said the frequent outages “does not bode well” and “look good” for the economy.

Marlin said he had planned to call Zagers to find out “what is taking place.” The PM said he read the media reports about maintenance and overhauling of generators and noted that this seemed to be a matter of not having proper maintenance, not taking decisions in a timely manner to purchase new equipment. He expressed hope that GEBE gets over this “hump” soon so that the community can have a reliable supply of electricity.

Source: Daily Herald
PM to meet with Zagers on GEBE