PM urges insurance companies to settle

POND ISLAND–All insurance companies still dragging their feet on claims filed by clients are urged to finalize these as soon as possible as it is now close to eight months since Hurricane Irma, and less and fifty days before the start of the 2018 Hurricane Season.

The call was issued by Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin in the Council of Ministers Press Briefing on Wednesday.

“I am hoping that insurance companies can finalize the claims with their customers as soon as possible so that the removal of derelict buildings that pose a danger to surrounding properties can be demolished and removed,” Romeo-Marlin said.

“Government is doing all that is in its power to best prepare the island for the upcoming season,” she said.

Residents have a role too. “As Prime Minister, I am calling for residents, homeowners, schools and businesses to continue with the process of debris removal in and around your surroundings.”

Source: The Daily Herald