PM urges youngsters to enter essay contest | THE DAILY HERALD

Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin.

 PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin on Sunday urged pre-exam students in St. Maarten to share their vision on resilience in the form of an essay for a chance to participate in the OCT Resilience Summit on October 25. The winner will participate as a panel member on the topic “Adapt.” The winner will also have an opportunity to share his or her ideas with important stakeholders such as governments of the Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs), the European Commission and regional organisations.

Persons who enter the essay contest will be judged by Romeo-Marlin and Director of the Directorate General for Development Coordination Latin America and the Caribbean at the European Commission Jolita Butkeviciene. The rules and guidelines of the essay contest are available on Facebook/Caribbean OCT’s Resilience Summit & Facebook/SXMGOV.

The Prime Minister will host the Caribbean OCT’s Resilience Summit in Sint Maarten, which will be attended by political leaders of the Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and high-level representatives of the European Commission, regional organisations and invited guests. The Summit is being held to commemorate the signing of a financing agreement between the Caribbean OCTs and the European Commission and will be the start of a programme on Resilience, sustainable energy and marine biodiversity in the region.

The summit will evolve around the topics unite, prepare and adapt, which will be presented by knowledgeable speakers and followed by panel discussions with experts in field of regional cooperation, climate change, disaster preparedness and resilience. “These topics will focus on the future of the Caribbean region. A future in which our youth will have a key role. Therefore, we invite pre-exam students to share their vision on Resilience with us in the form of an essay,” it was stated in a press release.

The Prime Minister is convinced that this is where innovative solutions can start, and she is “eager” to receive the input of the youth on “how we, as a unified Caribbean, can strengthen our future in relation to the effects of climate change.”

Romeo-Marlin encourages pre-exam students to share their vision on a resilient Caribbean by entering the writing contest and “becoming a positive contributor to the resilient development of the Caribbean. We are counting on you, our future.”

Source: The Daily Herald