Police arrest Saunders neighbourhood burglar

SAUNDERS–Several reports were made to the Police Force during the past few days regarding home break-ins in the Saunders area. Another call came from a resident of Queen of Flowers Road to the Community Police Officer (CPO) of that area at approximately 10:45am Thursday.   The caller stated that an unknown person was busy breaking in to her home. This information she had received from her daughter who was ill and alone at home. The Central Dispatch immediately sent several police patrols to investigate what was taking place. On the scene a man K.S. (19) was arrested after he gained access to the home by forcing the locks of a glass sliding door.

  Tools and other items used during this break-in were also found and confiscated for further investigation. The suspect was taken to the Philipsburg police station where he remains in custody.

  The police are encouraging residents of all neighbourhoods to join the “Lookout Alert” group chats of their respective communities and to remain in contact with their CPOs. In addition, the police want to improve cooperation and communication by encouraging residents to continue calling in and sharing information with the police regarding any crime or criminal activity.

  Thanks to the great communication between the resident of this home and the CPO, as well as the quick response of the police patrols, the suspect in this case was caught in the act and immediately arrested.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/66910-police-arrest-saunders-neighbourhood-burglar