Police cadets organise Fit 4 Justice sport event

Different teams gathered at Walter Plantz Square while Cadet Ramon Cannegieter gives them an explanation.

PHILIPSBURG–As part of their training, the Basic Police Training class for 2016-2018 took on the task to organise the first “Fit 4 Justice” sports event at Walter Plantz Square on Sunday. The intention is to make this an annual sport event during which all departments within the Justice system come together in the spirit of “Team Building” to compete against each other in various fitness activities in a social and friendly atmosphere. The teams that participated were the Coast Guard, House of Detention (Prison), Customs Department, Immigration Department, Sint Maarten Voluntary Corps VKS and the Police Force KPSM. The Sint Maarten Fire Department was also invited to take part in this event as a special guest.

  The teams competed in a running race, swimming, tire-flips, push-ups, sit-ups and tug-of-war. The event was deemed successful. First place winners were of members of the Police Force, second place VKS and third place the Fire Department.

  The event was closed off with a luncheon.

  Special thanks were extended to NAGICO Insurances, Penha, Printees, Indian Merchants Association, Ballerina Jewelers, Kohinoor, General Auto Repairs, Marshall Motors and Allan Bistro for their sponsorship in making this event a success.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/67790-police-cadets-organise-fit-4-justice-sport-event