Police conduct special searches at the prison

POINTE BLANCHE–In light of the murder of prisoner Omar Jones (38) in the Pointe Blanche prison Wednesday morning, another large-scale search took place at the prison on Thursday. Police discovered phones and self-made weapons during the search.

Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo said in an invited comment on Thursday that the searches at the prison would continue until it was completely clean. The Prosecutor announced on Thursday that the investigation was in full swing.

Management of the prison has been under fire since news broke of the killing of an inmate under their watch. Social media were rampant on Wednesday and Thursday calling for the resignation of Prison Director Edward Rohan. Kirindongo said he did not discuss personnel issues in the media and would meet with the director soon.

Jones was shot in the head and back. He was seen as the leader of the notorious Bling Bling crew. On their arrival, ambulance personnel applied CPR in an effort to save him, but to no avail. Questions already have started to surface as to how a loaded gun got into the hands of a prisoner.

Source: Daily Herald
Police conduct special searches at the prison