Police confiscate gun after pursuit on foot

The confiscated weapon.

MIDDLE REGION–Police found and confiscated a Glock .40-calibre pistol that was thrown over a fence by a man the police had been chasing.  

  Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said in a press release on Tuesday that a police unit had been directed to Manilla Drive in Middle Region around 9:10pm Friday to look into reports of shots being fired in the vicinity of Marina Bar.

  While approaching the scene the investigating officers saw three men walking hastily towards the back of the bar. When the patrol attempted to make contact with the men, they took off running in different directions. A foot chase began through the streets in the area. During the chase one of the officers saw one of the suspects who was being chased throw an object over a wall while fleeing.

  Officers stopped the foot chase after a while and searched the area where the suspect was seen throwing the object. The weapon was found during this search and was confiscated.

  No suspect had been arrested in this case up to Tuesday night. 

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71166-police-confiscate-gun-after-pursuit-on-foot