Police expand

Three of the 12 bike patrol officers.


PHILIPSBURG–As part of the measures to increase safety and improve security in Philipsburg and surrounding areas, the Police Force has increased the number of officers attached to its bike team, bringing the team to a total of twelve officers.

Flexible working hours have been put in place for the officers to get the necessary rest and making it possible that sufficient manpower is available on a daily basis to patrol. This measure also allows more officers to be on duty during the peak business hours of the day and on days when there are cruise ships in port.

The bike team has been very active in Philipsburg recently and will continue these activities in regard to regulating the flow of traffic on Front Street and Back Street, dealing with parking violations, towing of vehicles causing obstruction and unnecessary blocking and hampering of the traffic flow.

Drivers in the Philipsburg area should take note of this information to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, according to the police on Monday.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/64142-police-expand