Police give safety instructions to Port Safety and Security staff

Police and Port St. Maarten Safety and Security staff on Monday.

POINTE BLANCHE–As part of the recent police action on heavy equipment operators spilling construction material on public roads, officers of the Police Traffic Department visited the Port St. Maarten Safety and Security Department on Monday to give the personnel a two-hour safety training.

  The training was focused on safety aspects, such as proper functioning of vehicles’ brakes, shock absorbers, steering, tires, horn, etc. The security officers at the Port were also trained to check heavy transport vehicles such as dump trucks that go in and out of the Port facilities for hydraulic fluid leaks and to make sure the vehicles are not overloaded.

  The training also included how to manage the documentation, such as valid insurance, valid inspection and road tax for the vehicle and, for the driver of the vehicle, the correct category licence that is required.

  This training was a success, according to police, and a follow-up training session is planned for the near future on how to control trailer trucks.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63535-police-give-safety-instructions-to-port-safety-and-security-staff