Police identify dead couple

PHILIPSBURG–The couple who died on April 5 at local resort Alegria have been identified as Carmen Fernandez Farinas (30) and Joseph Julio Marchet (34).

Farinas was found barely alive in her room and died on her way to the hospital as a result of deep cuts to her neck. Marchet was found near the seaside and had similar cuts to his neck.

Initially police said two tourists had had a heated argument and this had resulted in a fight with some type of sharp object. However, The Daily Herald understands that Farinas reportedly had arrived on the island quite recently and allegedly had started working for adult entertainment club Red Diamond one week prior to her death.

Marchet allegedly arrived on the island a couple of days later to look for her. Police believe the two had an argument and started to physically harm each other, which resulted in both losing their lives.

Family members have arrived on the island and funeral arrangements are already being made. Police continue to investigate and only released the names to this newspaper on Monday.

Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Gino Bernadina was asked on Monday whether Farinas worked at the adult club. “Right now we cannot release any information about the case as the case is still under investigation,” answered Bernadina.

A spokesperson for Red Diamond declined to comment, stating that they had already spoken to the police.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/65103-police-identify-dead-couple