Police looking for leads on shooting of Canadian | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The police said on Monday that they are still working to obtain leads to help solve the murder of Canadian tourist Sylvain Valade (48), who was gunned down in an armed robbery on Beacon Hill Road on Wednesday, June 5.

In its press release, the Police Force did not directly address reports in other sections of the media that someone had been arrested in the case.

“The investigation in the tragic death of the Canadian tourist who was shot during an armed robbery which took place on Wednesday, June 5, at approximately 11:00pm in the vicinity of Maho beach is currently still ongoing. The St. Maarten Police Force has not issued any official press release surrounding this case because of the sensitivity of the investigation,” police said in the release.

“The detectives are still working endlessly to obtain leads which will help in solving this case. The [St. Maarten Police Force – Ed.] detectives with the help of other law enforcement agencies and the public have the ability to handle multiple cases at the same time.”

Police said in a press release after the incident that a Canadian man had been walking with his daughter when the two were approached by a suspect who attempted to steal from them. After a brief struggle, the man was shot and the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle. The victim was flown to Florida in the USA for medical treatment, but succumbed to his injuries.

His daughter Yanie Valade said in an emotional Facebook post the day her father passed away that her father had met a tragic and unimaginable end. She said the images of the incident had been constantly turning in her head and the sound of the shot had been haunting her.

Detectives reiterated their call for the community to provide information to assist in the investigation, primarily persons who were in the immediate area when the shooting occurred. Persons can the police’s anonymous tip line, tel. 9300. The tip line can also be reached from abroad at tel. +1721-542-0345.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/88601-police-looking-for-leads-on-shooting-of-canadian