Police looking for witnesses after man killed near clubs on Saturday | THE DAILY HERALD

The victim was shot multiple times on a busy Simpson Bay strip.

 PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Police Force KPSM is asking witnesses of a deadly shooting in Simpson Bay to come forward. Around 4:00am on Saturday, on a busy Simpson Bay strip, with people coming out of nearby nightclubs, a man was shot multiple times.

The victim, G.E., was standing near a car when he was shot. He collapsed on the spot.

Police received several calls about the shooting. Several police patrols and ambulance personnel were immediately dispatched to the location.

On arrival, officers discovered a male victim laying on the side of the road next to a vehicle. He had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life.

The area was promptly cordoned off, and forensic personnel began securing and collecting evidence at the scene. Various items of evidential significance were found and confiscated for further examination.

The body of the victim was confiscated. “The circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under intense scrutiny,” stated KPSM.

Subsequently, at approximately 09:30am, a male individual with the initials D.S.G. presented himself at the police station, claiming involvement in the shooting on Simpson Bay Road. The individual was immediately arrested.

Detectives are collecting information to determine the motive behind the shooting. Persons who were in Simpson bay on Saturday morning and witnessed the murder are requested to come forward and assist police by providing a witness statement. Anyone who saw the victim earlier that night, and can describe the victim’s whereabouts and events that led up to the shooting, is requested to contact police at +1-721-542-2222 ext. 208/214 or the tip line at 9300 if you wish to remain anonymous.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/police-looking-for-witnesses-after-man-killed-near-clubs-on-saturday