Police management team attends accredited management course

Police and Immigration and Border Protection Service management at the training.


PHILIPSBURG–Local police management and Immigration and Border Protection Service (IBP) management teams attended a management and leadership training facilitated by local Training Professionals International (TPI) Firm at the police headquarters in Philipsburg on Thursday.

The training was initiated by Police Chief Carl John who said that although his management team had good management and leadership skills, they could benefit from learning new, innovative approaches that are effectively working throughout the Caribbean.

The training focused on key elements of effective management and leadership. Participants were introduced to best practices that are effectively working in learning organisations world-wide. The training integrated leadership videos, excerpts from managerial periodicals and integrated cooperative and collaborative learning exercises.

Participants were guided and led by a certified instructor, TPI President and Chief Executive Officer Natasha Gittens bringing more than 20 years of experience in training and facilitating similar courses throughout the Caribbean for large and small organisations, including law enforcement.

Gittens said, “I am very proud that Chief Carl John recognized that his staff should always be in a ‘continuous learning mode.’ In short, that means that every leader, manager or person appointed to lead teams has a very important obligation. They are the gatekeepers that must ensure that their teams do not become stagnated, complacent, and identify trainings and professional development opportunities that engage, empower and move their staff to standards of excellence.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/75376-police-management-team-attends-accredited-management-course