Police notice improvement in conduct of Carnival revellers

PHILIPSBURG–The Police Force has released statistics relating to the 2017 Carnival season from the official opening of Carnival Village on April 17 through the close of Carnival on May 3.

A total of 29 men and five women were arrested for different punishable acts during the season. A total of NAf. 4,475, was collected in fines issued for conditional dismissals. This amount is considerably less than prior years, according to police.

The Carnival parades and jump-ups of 2017 were quite larger in comparison to Carnival 2016 and years before, according to police. However, the total number of arrests in 2017 remained the same.

The most arrests were made during the Jouvert Jump-Up. Nine were arrested for this Jump-Up, while seven were arrested for the Opening Jump-Up.

Some 23 persons were arrested for fighting, three persons for illegal drug possession, one person for ill-treatment, one person for destruction of property, and six persons for public intoxication.

The police have noticed a significant overall improvement in the conduct of the youth during this Carnival period and commend them for their improved behaviour. Parents and guardians were commended for their input by seriously speaking to their children regarding their conduct and abuse of alcohol and drugs during the Carnival period.

The police management thanked the entire Police Force and Voluntary Corps VKS members for a job well done in keeping the community and visitors to the island safe during Carnival 2017.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/65679-police-notice-improvement-in-conduct-of-carnival-revellers