Police officer recovering from serious accident

CAY HILL–Police Motorcycle Officer Major Vernon Ranis was involved in a serious head-on collision with a small white van driven by a police officer from the Forensic Department that almost cost Major Ranis his left foot.
According to the police report, Officer Ranis tried to overtake a vehicle on L.B. Scott Road near Sheik Supermarket at 8:45pm Sunday and lost control of his motorcycle, which ended up under the oncoming white van driven by Officer M.P.
Ranis was severely injured and needed immediate medical attention. The female occupant of the van driven by the other police officer suffered a small wound to her head which also needed medical attention. Both were transported to St. Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC) for further treatment.
The scene was closed off and traffic in and out of St. Peters was diverted for the emergency services to attend to the victims and conduct an investigation.
Doctors stated during Ranis’ treatment that his left foot was seriously damaged and partially severed and that he would need immediate surgery. After coming out of surgery on Monday, the doctors stated that his condition was stable and they would recommend he be flown abroad for further medical treatment at a later stage.
Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said the Traffic Department was conducting an in-depth investigation to determine exactly what had caused the accident.

Source: The Daily Herald Police officer recovering from serious accident