Police on the look-out for suspected robbers

PELICAN–Police are searching for two persons who are suspected of an armed robbery which took place on Wednesday, June 8 on Billy Folly Road near the Green House restaurant.

  Police said in a press statement on Monday that the incident occurred at approximately 10:30pm. Security surveillance video shows the two  involved in the robbery. The culprits held their victims at gunpoint and robbed them of their belongings. The victims were tourists visiting the island.

Greenhouse  After their act the culprits left the scene of the crime in a Hyundai I-20 driven by a third person. If anyone can identify any of the two culprits and has any information about them and/or their whereabouts, please immediately get in contact with the police department section Special Unit Robberies at 542-2222 extension 203, 204, 205 or 216. Or call the anonymous tip-line at the 9300. Any information given is strictly confidential.  

Source: Daily Herald
Police on the look-out for suspected robbers