Police raid apartment complex, three arrested by detectives

COLE BAY–Three suspects were arrested by Detectives this past weekend for looting. These arrests were made based on reliable information that was shared with the police.

Two apartments were searched at a complex in Cole Bay during which a large amount of money and a large assortment of household items were found and confiscated. L.W. (63) and S.R.S. (22) were arrested at this location and taken to the Philipsburg police headquarters.
F.A.C.O. was also arrested on that same day for possession of several brand new items for which he could not present documentation of ownership. These items included a large flat-screen television, an air-conditioning unit, an outboard boat engine, electronics, watches, etc. The suspect and confiscated items were taken to the police station. The suspect remains in custody for further investigation.
Police request the community to share valuable information with them which has led to the arrest of several persons and the confiscation of many items. They encourage the community to continue sharing this type of information with them to arrest and hold the many involved in criminal activities responsible for their actions in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.
Pictures or video-clips of persons looting or committing other criminal acts during this period should be shared by personal message on the police Facebook page or with Community Police Officers.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/69652-police-raid-apartment-complex-three-arrested-by-detectives