Police ready for Maria aftermath

PHILIPSBURG–As the island is awaiting the passing of hurricane Maria out of the area, the public needs to be aware of the fact that the Sint Maarten Police Force, the Marines, together with the other law enforcement organizations on the island, will enforce a zero-tolerance policy related to the curfew, according to a police press release issued on Tuesday.

“We advise the entire community to follow this curfew very strictly to avoid being arrested. Know that the police, Marines and other law enforcement organizations are visible in all communities at full capacity. In case of an emergency call 919 and a patrol will be directed to the location to give you the necessary assistance,” stated police.

All law enforcement organizations will act firmly and strict in case of criminal activities, such as looting. During and after the passing of hurricane Maria, “we also have police and unmarked vehicles on the road, patrolling the streets. Criminal acts like looting will not be tolerated and all suspects will be arrested, they will be put into custody for further investigation and prosecution,” concluded the police press release.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/69524-police-ready-for-maria-aftermath