Police search more homes in the Mars investigation

PHILIPSBURG–Police are hoping to catch a break with new information gathered as a result of new home searches on Wednesday, in connection with the disappearance of Luis Diaz-Sarante and Edwin Rosario late last year.

According to Prosecutor spokesman Norman Serphos, three searches were conducted by officers of the St. Maarten Police Force KPSM under the auspices of an Investigative Judge and in the presence of a Public Prosecutor officer. The Mars case is the criminal investigation into the death of Luis “Blanco” Darante and Edwin “Eggy” Rosario.

In this case four suspects have been identified. They are: T.J.F. (1989), K.F. (1977), K.K.S. (1987) and M.A.W. (1977). T.J.F. and K.K.S. are detained. Kathron Cushi Fortune who escaped from the Pointe Blanche prison but was detained recently is also a suspect in “Mars”.

“The searches this morning [Wednesday – Ed.] took place in a garage on the Soualiga Road, a home at Union Farm and a home in Hope Estate. This morning a number of goods were seized, also data-carriers such as telephone and computers, all related and important to the investigation were taken.”

“Mars” will be going to court on September 20 for a first “pro-forma” session. The Prosecutor’s Office (OM) calls on potential witnesses to report at the police with any information they have concerning this case.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68827-police-search-more-homes-in-the-mars-investigation