Police warn public about behaviour during Carnival | THE DAILY HERALD

Police list of fines for Carnival 50 season. (click for pdf)

PHILIPSBURG–With Carnival 50 celebrations rapidly approaching and the opening of the Carnival Village coming on Saturday, the Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM reminds the public about staying safe and out of trouble this season.

“Leading up to the grand opening of the Carnival Village we have had four jump-ups that have taken place without any major incidents and the KPSM team would like to congratulate the community on a job well done thus far. We ask that the community and visitors alike maintain this same positive energy moving forward,” according to the police on Wednesday.

The opening jump-up is slated to begin in St. Peters between Apricot Road and L.B. Scott Road starting at 8:00pm sharp and will end at Carnival Village before 12:00am.

“As a safety measure, the entire community and mainly vendors along the route of the jump-up are urged not to use or serve any beverages in glass bottles.

“The Police department requests the community and visitors alike to keep the safety tips in mind to make sure this Carnival season begins and ends on a high note of safety. The Police Force of St. Maarten is without any doubt doing its utmost to protect you, your family and your property during the Carnival season as well as combat crime,” said the police on Wednesday.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/86928-police-warn-public-about-behaviour-during-carnival