Port de Plaisance erects fence to secure its Kim Sha property

The fence being erected next to Topper’s Restaurant on Kim Sha Beach.

COLE BAY–Businesses and beach goers were taken by surprise last week, when contractors started to erect a fence on Kim Sha Beach near Topper’s Restaurant, next to Buccaneers Bar. Days later, it was discovered that Princess Port de Plaisance (PDP) has given the approval to fence its property.

The resort learned that several groups were utilising the property as an entrance for their businesses and was not happy with those persons not requesting permission to use the property. Manager Hakan Unal told The Daily Herald Monday that they had come out of a gruesome court case which they ended up winning.

“We do not want that situation to happen again. It cost the company lots of money and we are not going to put ourselves in that situation again. We heard that businesses were using the property as an entrance for their tourists, and we were not made aware of this. To secure our property, we decided to make the fence. We are open to sit down with anybody and discuss possibilities,” said Unal.

The fence is almost completed and once it is locked; access to the beach will be restricted. Unal left the possibility for organisations to use the property once proper permission is requested and granted.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/75520-port-de-plaisance-erects-fence-to-secure-its-kim-sha-property