Port soon to roll out ‘Community System’ | THE DAILY HERALD

PORT–Port St. Maarten will soon launch its Port Community System (PCS), a data-sharing portal covering cargo and cruise operations for stakeholders and third parties. This is an extension of the Terminal Operating System that seeks to further enhance the port’s operational excellence platform linking cargo/container manifests to an incoming/outgoing vessel to warehouse/storage handling and receiver pick-up.

PCS will allow key parties such as agents to connected to a secure cloud-based approach system which will enhance information-sharing, with the primary focus being on sustainable business development for the port community along with information data centric sharing with Customs, Coast Guard, Maritime Affairs, Immigration and Border Protection, Public Health and possibly other government entities.

The Port currently uses the Global Logistics Service (GLS) cargo tracking software and plans to transition to PCS. PCS allows for one central system that connects all stakeholders. It will be a real-time platform making it easy to access vital information and quality data and can also provide economic data to be used for analysis and government policy decision-making.

IT Partner, an information technology firm in the Netherlands, is an expert in automation systems for port and logistics industries.

The cargo operations at Port St. Maarten are rapidly becoming a port of choice for regional trans-shipment in the Northeastern Caribbean, said Port management. Trans-shipment cargo continues to bolster the Port’s hub function with the Caribbean region and the double-digit figure trend continues.

Statistics for the month of August show a remarkable performance which is in line with projections. Port St. Maarten cargo operations for August saw a 21-per-cent increase in imported full containers when compared with projections.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/80493-port-soon-to-roll-out-community-system