Portfolios of Statia’s new commissioners released | THE DAILY HERALD

One of the first official acts of new Government Commissioner in St. Eustatius Alida Francis and Deputy Commissioner Claudia Toet was overseeing the oath of office of 11 new civil servants during a ceremony at V.A. Lopes Legislative Hall on Friday, June 18. Most of the new civil servants will work in the security detail and three in administration.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The division of portfolios for newly-appointed Government Commissioner in St. Eustatius Alida Francis and Deputy Government Commissioner Claudia Toet was recently released to the public.

  The government commissioners said the portfolios had been divided based on preference, strengths and precedence.

  Francis will have under her command the elections; census and Civil Registry; disaster management; public order and safety; the airport, harbour, roads and infrastructure; telecommunication; energy and water distribution; operations pertaining to waste management; environment and nature management; registry of public properties; information; protocol; social affairs and culture; public housing; monument care; and the Historic Core.

  Toet will oversee the Governor’s Cabinet, legal affairs and ordinances, personnel affairs, economic affairs, tourism, finance and taxes, education and sport, compulsory education, labour, senior citizens care, information, technology, public works and government buildings, agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/portfolios-of-statia-s-new-commissioners-released


  1. Who of the two commissioners takes the bribes for new secar excavations? The Leiden witch, you know who, will pay enough to change any decision.

  2. Statia Government Commissioners signed a contract for the maintenance of the airport grounds. And, who was the happy entrepreneur? Carlos Lopes. And what was the name of the island secretary? Yes, Malvern Lopes.
    Any questions?