Porto Cupecoy workers stand to lose their jobs end of month | THE DAILY HERALD

Porto Cupecoy


PHILIPSBURG–President of the Windward Islands Federation of Labour (WIFOL) Theophilus Thompson continues the fight against the dismissal of workers at Porto Cupecoy.

  An estimated 15 maintenance and security workers at Porto Cupecoy stand to lose their jobs at the end of the month, said Thompson.

  In September, workers from Porto Cupecoy made contact with the union upon learning that they may face losing their jobs, through what they claim is a wrongful dismissal by management of the hotel. According to the workers, management informed them that at the end of November they will no longer be needed and their contracts will be terminated.

  As the month of November draws to an end The Daily Herald spoke with Thompson to get an update on the status of the workers. Even after two months of fighting against the dismissals, these workers still face losing their jobs, said Thompson.

  According to Thompson, Porto Cupecoy has since informed these workers via a letter that they will be paid out for their time at the hotel upon their dismissal. Such an action cannot take place, he explained, as to his knowledge, Porto Cupecoy has still not filed a request for dismissal by the Labor Department. He reiterated that dismissing employees without following this important procedure is against the law.

  Several attempts to arrange a meeting with management of Porto Cupecoy by WIFOL have not been successful. All other forms of trying to communicate with management, including letters sent, have not produced any response.

  The union leader even disclosed that a proposed Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) has been sent to management for their perusal; this as well has not garnered any response from management.

  Thompson stated that WIFOL will now request, during the course of this week, a formal investigation of Porto Cupecoy at the Labor Department for threats of dismissal made to its workers.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/porto-cupecoy-workers-stand-to-lose-their-jobs-end-of-month