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Posh Productions first set of Mr. GQ pageant contestants Marcellus Smith, Learie Hall, Lester Hughes and Jamal Hodge.


PHILIPSBURG–Posh Productions is introducing Mr. Genuine Quality (GQ) for this year’s Carnival 50 season. Mr. GQ-St. Maarten is a new pageant for men and the show will be held at Emilio Wilson Park on Saturday, March 30.

  POSH aims to crown the best ambassador to promote tourism, goodwill and culture. Like the Queens crowned under the POSH brand, Mr. GQ-St. Maarten will also promote the official cause of the Pageant Professionals platform; Education, Culture, Philanthropy and inner and outer Beauty. The Mr. GQ-St. Maarten pageant has four gentlemen who are preparing to deliver a show St. Maarten will forever remember.

  Contestant #1 is Marcellus B. Smith. He is a November-born hailing from French St. Martin. No stranger to pageantry as he competed and came in second runner-up in the 2011 Mr. Summer pageant. Smith is a customer service agent with Halley Aviation at Princess Juliana International Airport. He is single and does not have any children. His life’s motto is “Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest.”

  Contestant #2 is Learie E. Hall. The March-born hails from Guana Bay. Hall is the Managing Director and lead zumba instructor of Hall of Fame Production. As a zumba instructor, he hosts classes for clients seeking to lose weight and get into shape here in St. Maarten and on neighbouring islands. He takes his business very seriously and will travel to conventions and certification courses to update and provide optimal service to his clients. He is single with no children.

  Contestant #3 is Lester Hughes, another March-born hailing from the district of Middle Region. He is in service at People’s Sanitation. He is father of one child, enjoys riding powerful machines and lives by the motto that one must stand for what is right even when others think they should not.

  Contestant #4 is Jamal Hodge, a May-born hailing from Weymouth Hill. He is both a firefighter and part owner of Fire Fitness gym at Miss Lalie Centre. Hodge is happily married with two children. His motto is short and sweet: “It’s my time!

  The four contestants will compete in seven different segments of performance: the an Introduction Speech, Interview Debate, Healthy Body Swimsuit competition, Talent Segment, Creative Costume, and finally, in tuxedo, the Interview.

  A major part of the pageant is the contestants’ presence on social media with details about their pageant platform and other inspirational material they wish to share with the online population and secret judges.

  Contestants will be judged on their performances, interviews, overall participation and behaviour during the competition. The winner will be selected by the panel of judges who weigh up each candidate’s performance before hearing from them on stage as to why they want to win the Mr. GQ-St. Maarten pageant and what it would mean to them, followed by a second interview question.

  He who captures the title of Mr. GQ-St. Maarten will travel on to Nevis’ 45th annual Culturama Festival to compete in the inaugural Mr. GQ International Pageant. Posh Productions received the official invitation last week and is elated that St. Maarten is hosting its inaugural Mr. GQ pageant in time to be represented in the international production.

  To win Mr. GQ-St. Maarten, one must be a well-rounded individual with intellect, charisma, charm, a strong personality and holding a positive status in the community.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/85114-posh-rolls-out-first-mr-gq-pageant