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Contestants in the Senior Carnival Queen pageant 2019.


PHILIPSBURG–Five ladies competing on the senior level and five strong women competing on the mature level on April 23 are set to give a grand performance in Carnival Village when pageant organiser Posh Productions hosts a grand finale of the Miss TelCell Senior and Mature Carnival Queen Pageants.


  These two tiers of beauties will commence in competition at the third annual Interview Debate competition at Belair Community Centre on Sunday, March 24. The Interview debate is a knowledge-based competition and is highly anticipated to be an explosive event.

  Thereafter, Emilio Wilson Park will come alive on Friday, March 29, with the opening of Posh Pageant Weekend. The third edition of the Healthy Body Swim Suit Competition will be the first of three days of back-to-back Posh productions.

  The Junior and Teen Queen contestants will display for the audience in sportswear. The Seniors and the added GQ men will all grace the stage in tasteful and classy swimwear, while the Matures will showcase in beachwear. The contestants and their teams have the freedom to be as creative as they can in attire and in the manner they wish.

  The Seniors will then move on to the Festival Village on April 23 in a joint production with the Matures. On this main pageant night, the five senior contestants will appear for a short Introduction speech followed by their Culture speech in Cultural attire. Next will be Talent, followed by Creative Cultural Carnival Costume and finally an appearance in Evening Wear. They will answer a light question and the night will end with crowning the winners.


Senior contestants

 Juli-Ann Richardson: Think like a queen, a queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. The 19-year-old, born in St. Maarten, is an administrative clerk at Sheriff Security Force.

  In the near future, Juli-Ann aspires to become a social worker. She identifies with the role of a Social Worker as a professional who is tasked with making sure that children and young adults receive appropriate care, education and health services.

  She is excited about possibility of winning a scholarship that would give her the opportunity to continue her studies at University of St. Martin (USM), where she pursued an Associate of Arts degree in General Liberal Arts.

  Juli-Ann loves taking part in the sporting activities as she believes in keeping fit. Her motto in life is “Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending and speak without offending.”

  “Self-confidence is the best outfit,” she said on Thursday.


  Lavern Vlaun is a 23-year-old sales representative at Vanity Fair. She works as a skilled make-up artist in the make-up department. With a passion for beauty and fashion, her dream job is to manage and direct her own beauty salon that would focus on the needs of a woman’s imperfections and enhancing her natural beauty.

  Hailing from the Madame Estate district, Lavern once pursued a degree in General Liberal Arts at University of St. Martin. Due to the devastation of the passing of Hurricane Irma that placed the USM on the verge of closing, Lavern decided to place her academics on hold. When the announcement was made that the USM had partnered with Posh to sponsor a year of tuition, she decided that she could not allow such an opportunity like to pass her by, and she decided to sign up to compete and take a chance to win and complete her studies.

  Lavern enjoys shopping and going to the beach and enjoying the cool breeze and roaring seas. Her motto in life is, “Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall into place.” – Marilyn Monroe.


  Joanni Fuentes is a Teen Times model currently pursuing a degree in Business Management while holding down a full-time job. Her dream is to take over her mother’s company Carpios Import NV and take it to the next level. She has been involved in the operations of the business from a young age and that has helped mould her to develop a love and passion for the success of her mother’s hard work.  

  Joanni is currently enrolled at University of St Martin. She began her academic journey at the USM in the “Pre-USM College Course.” She successfully transitioned to the Associate of Arts degree programme in Business Management in June 2018 and will continue to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

  She is very excited about the chance to win a scholarship to USM by participating in the Senior Carnival Queen Pageant!

  “Education is key! I would like to continue my desired path at the University of St Martin, as I’ve already mapped out my educational path at the institution and this scholarship will assist me greatly,” she said.

  Joanni enjoys reading poetry and creating blackout poetry. She is very family-oriented, so she treasures every opportunity to spend time with her family and friends. She also enjoys colouring and listening to music in her spare time. She invests time in watching documentaries and learning about new things to expand her knowledge in every aspect that she can.

  Her life motto is “When you have had a taste of excellence, you cannot go back to mediocrity.” – Maximillian Degenerez

  Joanni often reflects on her life before her mom passed away. After her home-going she was determined to do her mother proud and live up to the standards her mother had set for her. So this motto has kept her motivated when she is feeling defeated or lost.


  Leann Richardson is a March-born with a drive to excel in life. Currently in service at STM N.V. as a marketing communications intern, Leann is pursuing a degree in bilingual Marketing and Communication in the Netherlands. With a deep interest in political science and law, she dreams to one day become a parliamentarian as she has always had an interest in politics. She takes note of the legislative body of government that makes the laws and decisions for a country, as she wants the best for her island.

  Leann enjoys watching different documentaries on YouTube, as knowledge is power and there is always room for learning about new things. She also enjoys dancing as it is one of the things she has been doing from young. Her one motto that she lives by is “Hustle beats talent when talent does not hustle.”


  Adrianna Peterson is a student at St. Maarten Academy PSVE with a mind focused on passing her upcoming exams and graduating. Her dream is to become an obstetrician. She is excited that both USM and National Institute for the Performing Arts have partnered with Posh to offer the winner of the pageant a scholarship. This broadens her options to select the best institution to offer her an introduction to her studies before she goes on to Holland to further her studies, acquiring first a Bachelor’s and then on to a Master’s degree.

  “I love listening to music and I enjoying being around children and helping others and motivating others into greatness. My motto would have to be “You only live once, so enjoy life to the fullest.”


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