Post Office to stop MoneyGram service from Friday, Feb 23

PHILIPSBURG–Postal Services St. Maarten (PSS) will temporarily discontinue offering MoneyGram services as of this Friday, February 23, PSS Interim Head Antonia Wilson said on Sunday.

Wilson told The Daily Herald that the main reasons for discontinuing the services are safety and security concerns coupled with the need to reorganise the organisation.
PSS has been serving an estimated 250 MoneyGram clients daily at its temporary location opposite the original PSS building in Philipsburg, an increase in the number of persons who use the services since the closure of Western Union late last year. This translates to an estimated 5,000 persons per month.

Wilson said the discontinuation will be temporary until PSS can guarantee the safety and security of its clients using the services.

She said PSS has been reviewing its current situation since Hurricane Irma. PSS will have to move from its current temporary location soon and up to yesterday; it not yet found an alternative location from which to operate. PSS was hoping that by now the PSS building would have been repaired for the organisation to relocate back to its original location. Currently, PSS is looking at using container offices to continue its postal services operations.

Wilson apologised to the many customers who use the MoneyGram service for the temporary discontinuation in service, but she assured that the move is necessary given the current circumstances and concerns that exist.

Source: The Daily Herald