Postal Services urges residents to properly install mailboxes | THE DAILY HERALD

A mailbox placed on a high wall, making it very difficult for postal workers to access. A stone is placed to make it less difficult to reach.

POND ISLAND–Postal Services St. Maarten (PSS) urges residents to take steps to ensure that they place mail receptacles at the entrances of their homes or places of business.

PSS Interim Director Marinka Gumbs said on Wednesday, “The common complaints from our postal workers regarding mail delivery is the lack of clearly marked mailboxes (i.e., name and house number) or the inability to access the mailboxes, which causes the delivery of mail to be very time-consuming and unsafe.”

Gumbs said that although PSS has a legal obligation to deliver mail to all residents in St. Maarten, residents must accommodate this process as well. This includes notification of address change within the legally established time to the relevant authorities, which are the Civil Registry Department and the Post Office.

“Together with our team of postal workers, we are striving continuously to improve our service delivery and look forward to the cooperation of all residents and business owners in this important matter,” said Gumbs.

PSS offers subscriptions for secured mailboxes, which afford persons the convenience of physically retrieving their mail or packages at their leisure.

For more information regarding the “change of address” process and/or to subscribe for a PSS mailbox, contact tel. 721-542-3968.

Source: The Daily Herald