Postmen to deliver remaining voting cards as of Monday

POND ISLAND–Postal workers are to deliver uncollected voting cards as of Monday. The cards will be dropped off at addresses corresponding to the names of voters in the Civil Registry.

Voters who do not receive their cards by February 18 should head to the Civil Registry Department on Pond Island to collect their cards, said Central Voting Bureau Chairman Jason Rogers.

Voters can also collect their voting cards at the Civil Registry Department or at their designated polling station on Election Day, February 26, said Rogers.

Voters could have picked up their cards from four polling substations from February 5 to 9. This was a new way of getting cards out to voters. This route was taken due to widespread devastation caused by monster Hurricane Irma, which displaced many people. The card pick-up system was aimed at covering as many voters as possible.

Rogers said in a message to voters issued on Friday: “The Central Voting Bureau trusts you will make use of your right to vote.”

For inquiries about voting cards, call the Civil Registry at tel. 542-0652, 542-6085 or 542-9344.

Source: The Daily Herald