Power outage stalls continuation of ballot recount, validation of results

PHILIPSBURG–The continuation of the partial recount of ballots and the eventual validation of the results of the February 26 snap elections were stalled this afternoon due to a power outage.

  The recount, barring any unforeseen circumstances, will resume in Parliament House at 9:00am tomorrow, Tuesday. The sitting of the Central Voting Bureau is open to the public. 

  Electricity in Philipsburg and its environs went off just after the Central Voting Bureau breaked for lunch at minutes to 2:00pm. There was still no lights in Parliament House when the Bureau’s public sitting was set to resume at 3:00pm.

  The Bureau, headed by Jason Rogers, decided to call it a day when it could not be ascertained what time utilities company GEBE would restore electricity to the Dutch side’s capital. 

  The locked plastic boxes containing the ballots were returned to the Civil Registry Department for safekeeping overnight. The boxes will be returned to Parliament House in the morning.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74315-power-outage-stalls-continuation-of-ballot-recount-validation-of-results