PPA submits list of 15 candidates | THE DAILY HERALD

PPA candidates and supporters outside the House of Parliament shortly after the party submitted its list to the Central Voting Bureau.

PHILIPSBURG–The People’s Progressive Alliance has submitted a slate of 15 candidates to contest the upcoming snap Parliamentary elections on January 9, 2020.

  At the top of the list is party leader and former Parliament Chairperson Gracita Arrindell.

  Behind her is Lisa Alexander at #2; Carmelita Smits at #3; Adonis Cyntje at #4; Roël Haakmat at #5; Daphenie Benders at #6; Jennifer da silva Carvallo at #7; Narda de Windt at #8; Maarten de Rijk at #9; Sasha Serrant at #10; Les Brown at #11; Armando Gumbs at #12; Frits Richardson at #13; Patrick Williams at #14; and Kizzy Baptist at #15.

 Because the party currently does not have any seats in Parliament, PPA must obtain 136 signatures by 4:00pm tomorrow, Friday, in order to qualify for the January 2020 election.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/92658-ppa-submits-list-of-15-candidates