PPB calls for consistent policing in Philipsburg

~Urges businesses to employ individual security measures ~

PHILIPSBURG–The Philipsburg Promotional Board (PPB) is calling on authorities to have a consistent presence of the police in the country’s capital Philipsburg, for the safety and security of businesses and their clients.

At the same time, PPB is also urging businesses in town to take their own personal security measures to help with safety and security. One of their several recommendations is for businesses to “light up” their respective establishments to help brighten the area at night and alleviate concerns that not enough lighting is in town.
PPB said a number of businesses in Philipsburg have had concerns since hurricane Irma about security and not enough lighting in town. “Philipsburg Promotional Board feels that business persons also need to do their part with security in Philipsburg, and would like to recommend that each enterprise consider installing a lighting design concept in their store front facade. With each store front lit up, it would not only deter possible night break-ins, but would enhance the entire areas of Back Street, Front Street and the Boardwalk,” PPB told The Daily Herald.
According to PPB, there are many eco-friendly and LED light options, which can be economically operated. “PPB considers this as one step of making each entrepreneur feel safer about their store and business place throughout the night time. Also, adding wireless remote operated cameras into store front facade, which can be viewed from one’s phone or laptop is another ideal security element.”
PPB also urged businesses to review and upgrade their shutter system, and where possible install standby generators, which may be combined with several nearby stores. “Consider attaching your alarm to an established security firm system for monitoring. Where possible, consider adding a double-entry door, which is highly recommended to deter robberies.” PPB also encourages establishments to store their essential business data on a USB or external drive. Businesses should also review their hurricane preparedness plan early and should not wait until the next hurricane season. “Write out your security and hurricane policy and review it regularly with your staff.”
PPB encourages businesses to be vigilant about enforcing their own security plans on property and contribute towards keeping Philipsburg safe. “Important also to PPB is the safety of pedestrians in Philipsburg. As they should be able to walk comfortably and safely throughout Philipsburg both day and night, instead of being forced into the narrow streets of town with oncoming traffic, because vehicles are parked on the sidewalks on both sides of the streets. PPB encourages government to take security and safety very serious in Philipsburg and make protecting our visitors and citizens, as paramount.”
As it relates to the continued presence of police in town, PPB said: “For businesses in Philipsburg, security has always been crucial and since Hurricane Irma, even more so. The ongoing policing by KPSM (police force), VKS (Voluntary Corps St. Maarten), Royal Dutch Marines, and Koningklijke Marechaussee has been greatly valued by PPB and the business community. However, in going forward and to avoid businesses feeling vulnerable, it is important for the policing in the capital to continue in a consistent manner.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/70539-ppb-calls-for-consistent-policing-in-philipsburg